The PEARSON Foundation, Inc.

2019 Founders' Scholarship recipients: J. O'Hara & A. Crane, Pearl High!

Volunteers are vital

Volunteers with a heart to selflessly and sacrificially serve others are vital to sustaining our collective positive community impact in the lives of students and families!


Never under estimate the power or potential of a life laid down in sacrificial service for others! We can do much more by Serving Better Together!  The PEARSON Foundation seeks to serve through a Collaborative Community Impact approach where we cultivate relations with community partners and stakeholders who share similar interests for positively impacting the lives and institutions in Central Mississippi.

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Serving all I can

A life worth living...

Volunteer Opportunities


After School Tutoring/Mentoring

We seek committed volunteers who are serious about helping students in K-5 thru 8th grade who are identified by the school systems as reading below or at grade level and or who have failed and are one or more grades behind. Volunteers are recruited who share this mission and vision because priority is given to students who live below the poverty level, in public/government housing, single-parent households, minorities: African-American, Hispanic/Latino American, and males.


Officer Helper/Clerical Support/Computer Skills

Are YOU willing to give 90-120 minutes  at least once weekly to invest directly in the life of a student through after school tutoring or in-school mentoring? 

Are you willing to give one or two hours each week serving from one of your skill sets and or life skill experience such as typing, data management, social media, web management, carpentry, painting, gardening, telemarketing, cooking/baking, accounting, construction, electrical - well, you get the idea. If you have a desire to serve, we have a duty for You!


In-School Mentoring

Our In-School  Mentoring/Leadership Program Is Regarded As A Best Practice Model In Mississippi! 

For 30-minutes once a week, volunteers leave their jobs and homes to come meet with and mentor High, Jr High and Elementary school students who are excused from an elective class (with permission from their parents). 

Employers have shown their commitment to helping the students succeed by allowing employees to leave (WITH PAY) 60-90 minutes early to serve as mentors & tutors!

serving others in retirement

Glad To Volunteer At The PEARSON  Foundation!

A business giving back to community

Hilton Garden Hotel Employees allowed to leave work 1-hour (with pay) each week to serve as tutors/mentors!