The PEARSON Foundation, Inc.

2019 Founders' Scholarship recipients: J. O'Hara & A. Crane, Pearl High!

Jarvis' Writings

A Life Laid Down

Nothing Is As Wonderful As a Life Laid Down In Sacrificial Service for Others- Nothing!

Positively Impacting Lives & Culture

It is vital that our students in Metro Jackson and throughout Mississippi are prepared and equipped to read with comprehension and to behave with quality conduct and character in order to achieve life-skill potential and success.
Better educated, better equipped and better skilled students simply means better families, better schools, better workers and workplaces, better public servants, and a better and more culturally progressive Metro Jackson.     l

My Consumption-Christ!

All I want is Christ: In my life and in your life there can be no rival or competition to the supremacy of Jesus Christ in the life of the one who professes to know and love and worship and serve Him! All I want is Christ to be ever central in my life and living. All I want is Christ to be my ever growing consumption.  All I want is Christ to be the message and the manner and the motive for my commitment to sacrificially serve YOU and any neighbor!

A Video Blog

Sacrificial Serving is Significant for Success!