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Join Mayor Jake Windham as a donor!

As Mayor, may I ask you a favor? Will you join me in making a difference in the lives of Pearl’s youth and their families through the PEARSON Foundation?    
Big thanks for your support to this non-profit which has been sacrificially changing the lives of our youth for decades and making a positive difference in Pearl! 

Highlights from Oct 29, 2019 honoring our heroes reception/s


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Your Giving Really Matters!

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Changing Youth Culture

Focused on the long term while also addressing the immediate!

Who We Are



The​ PEARSON Foundation, Inc.—People Employing Available Resources to Strengthen Our Neighborhoods— (non profit organizations) was founded in 2000 by a group of community-minded change makers with a mission to provide services and activities that add value to people’s lives so that those lives are transformed. We seek to do this through what we call a Prayer-Care-Share Lifestyle approach or process. Our target audience is families: parents and children. The Foundation very intentionally has targeted (but not exclusively) Jackson-Pearl, Mississippi because of their high percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged households. Some families in these communities are plagued with problems of pervasive drugs, teen pregnancies, school dropouts, violence and a host of other companion ills.  

Board or Directors:

Jarvis Ward, Chairman
Christopher Bullin, Vice Chairman
Brena Husband - Treasurer
Paulette McCants - Secretary
Matt Ballew
Ron Forseth

Myron Jackson

Charles Jackson

Jenell Chavis - Development

Mark DeMire

Trey Ross

Kaitlyn Ward
(non profit organisation - Not For Profit - Nonprofit Organizations)  

In-school elementary mentoring session!


The PEARSON Foundation is currently operating three sites in Pearl, Mississippi.  Our in-school mentoring currently serves 40 boys in Pearl High, Jr High and Upper Elementary Schools. We hope to secure female staffing so that we can offer in-school mentoring for girls. Our Summer Reading Program operates three sites.  We seek to prepare a generation of youth for advanced education and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through reading enrichment and mentoring. After-school researchers and providers have recognized that hands-on, inquiry-driven science, technology, engineering and math programs are in line with our after-school's overall approach to education. Today's jobs require proficiency in STEM. There is great concern that without access to adequate educational experiences, segments of the population will be unable to participate effectively in the modern workplace. We are establishing partnerships and relationships as we integrate STEM. We believe PEARSON’s outreach to an underserved populace is a major positive to conduct, character, culture and career change in our communities.  The fact that we integrate in-school and community-based mentoring and multi-agency collaboration set our programming apart as a "Best Practice Model".  


A Better Vision

It is vital that our students in the Central Mississippi area are prepared and equipped to read with comprehension in order to achieve life-skill potential and success. Better educated, better equipped and better skilled students simply means better families, better schools, better workers and workplaces, better public servants, and a better and more culturally progressive Mississippi.

Payton Garden Site

Check out this great video

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After School Tutoring

One of the students in our after school tutoring/mentoring program share briefly.

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PEARSON Foundation, Inc.

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm CST

Saturday: By appointment & Special Events

Sunday: Closed (Unless we are taking the Youth on a weekend leadership trip!)

Pearl High School Students helping at Payton Garden

Check out this video of Pearl High School students helping younger students!

Last day before summer break

This was the last day before the summer break so a few extra "carbs" were OK!